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Buying Audi 100/5000 - what to check/avoid?

I'm about to buy an Audi 100 (or the US 5000) from between 84 and 88.
I don't think I can afford a "new" model (88+) with the facelift.. :-(
I want quattro because of the snowy winters and the fact that I live
far out in the country, but it is really hard to find one here in
Norway (except 87 CS Quattro Avant, but they're expensive)

Are the 3-speed auto transmissions as bad as told?
What about other things, such as engine, body, interior etc.?

I know that the 100/5000 is not the _most_ reliable car from the mid
80s, but a 80/4000 with the I5 engine is almost non-existent in
Norway. And I don't want some crappy 4-cylinder! :-)

Will a good example serve me for many years, about 10K driving all the
year around, with proper maintenance and care? Anyone got a 100/5000
buyer's guide on the net?