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Re: TT in T.O.

In a message dated 9/4/98 Virtual Bob <h93young@creighton.edu> writes:

<< Precisely. The word finesse comes to my mind. Put it this way -- anyone
can put a !!8000cc!! engine into a passenger car. And if you're using that
big of a engine, it better be a decent performer. If GM or Ford would have
their way, they'll probably put a bigger engine in for a race of "mine's
bigger than yours." But even they aren't as dumb to get into that. >>

Hmm...like it or not, the thing (Viper) just works. Class win at Le Mans and
its competitiveness against the always dominant 911 in GT2 proves that out.
While not a Viper fan per say (in fact I tend to despise Mopar the most of all
domestics) one must appreceate what they have done with that beast. I can't
entirely buy the cubic inches thing either since the 2.2L I5 turbo in the 200q
Trans Am car was able to beat the 7L Jack Roush dorfs with "finesse" *and*
lots of horsepower.

While both are "retro" the Viper and more recently the Panoz are some very
serious road racing cars...NOT straight line only machines like one would

Mandatory Audi content...I would rather have a TT for a daily use fun sports

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq