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Re: 5KCSTQ: 'Unshakable' Steering Wheel Shimmy

   At speeds of approx. 50-6- mph, the steering wheel shakes.  I have taken
   everyone's suggestion(s) to heart -- and I've been back to NTB 3 times to
   have the tires balanced --nothing..  I've had the rims checked for dings
   and dents - nothing.  The alignment has been checked twice over --
   nothing... Nothing fixes the shimmy.

My UrQ seems to be particularly noxious about this . . . I watched/
double-checked the guy, wheels and tires *perfect*, maddening shimmy/
shake. Grrr!

The only way I could fix the problem is dynamic on-car balance. I
seriously doubt NTB (your average one, anyways) has the equipment
to do this. I go to a place called Direct Tire in Waltham, MA
[Needham? One of them there towns . . .], expensive, but it works.

   This did NOT happen to my care before the BOGEs were installed and the car
   was aligned.

By the by, I assume you've verified all the obvious, like no play
in other parts of the suspension, bushings, ball joints, etc. (I
once had a ball joint bolt come loose -- damn thing only shook at

Not to mention aligned *correctly* (snide snipe at NTB...)

   Can anyone tell me what this could be and how to stop it?  It's probably
   'barely noticeable' to other drivers, but you know how we get...

Yeah, being anal is a real PITA, ain't it.