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Re: Where's the label?

I also "imported" an '87 5Kcsq into California a few years back.  At the 
time Audi said all '87 Audis were 50 state cars.  You can get a new 
sticker from your local Audi dealer service department.  This is all the 
proof you should need to avoid the $300 rip off. 

1993 S4 (for sale, $19,900)

On Tue, 8 Sep 1998, Wallace White wrote:

> I recently "imported" an '87 from Oregon to California (also with
> missing label), and Audi didn't back me up. The Bentley lists ignition
> data only for 50-state cars on these '87 MC engines, but the person on
> the phone at AoA said, based on my VIN number, the car was not equipped
> with California emissions. So I wound up paying the $300. The DMV did,
> however, allow me to register the car _without_ paying the smog impact
> fee initially, saying they would give me time to get the letter from
> Audi before I had to pay it.
> I plan to get sweet revenge on the DMV very soon, though, by cashing my
> '77 Mazda GLC in for $500, since it is an older vehicle that the state
> wants off the roads. Never mind that it actually had very low emissions
> last year when it was tested. The money for this program actually comes
> directly from the smog impact fee, so I think it's a pretty fair way to
> get my money back!
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 149k