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RE: A4 Alignment issue - Who did your alignment?

Jim Simone,

Who did your alignment? I am guessing Carlsen
Porsche/Audi, correct?...Steve couldn't
get mine back into spec either...but it
is not that far off.  Did they give you
the printout.  My stats:

Camber: LF -1.24 degrees, RF -1.28 degrees (0.19 and 0.23 off)
Toe: LF 0.07 degrees, RF 0.07 degrees (within spec)
Cross Camber: 0.04 degrees (within spec)
Total Toe: 0.14 degrees (within spec)
Camber: LR -1.11 degrees, RR -1.09 degrees(0.01 off Lside)
Toe: LR 0.10 degrees, RR 0.10 degrees(within spec)
Total Toe: 0.20 degrees (within spec)
Thrust Angle: 0.00 degrees (within spec)

I figure the camber setting for front is good for
autox and driving schools anyway.

Again, I have the H&R coilovers, which are definitely
different than your set-up.

Steve Sherwood
97 A4 2.8 Quattro