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Re: Strut bearing Replacing 86 coupe

Yes, you need to remove that funny slotted nut, and I suggest you put a 
new in. It's about a dollar from the dealer or you can get it free if you 
know a mechanic who specializes in European cars. For some stupid reason 
this nut doesn't come with the strut. Only top hex locknut with neilon 
insert comes with it. This is very stupid, because the nut that 
comes with the strut is available in any auto-parts store.


1. Loosen (and tighten) both nuts when car is on the ground on wheels. You 
will never squeeze the spring with a spring compressor as well as the 
car presses it down.

2. Although it is possible to do with a screwdriver and a hummer, it is
not advisable. Use a special tool. One of alternatives to VAG tool tool
#87300 from Schley. Schley doesn't (or at least used not to) sell their
products directly. Ask me if you need an email/phone of mailorder
distributor that sold it to me for $20. 

3. Loosening the top nut and the slotted nut requires holding the strut 
with the allen key from the top to prevent it from turning. Schley tool 
and VW tools all allow the access for it. However, the standard ratchet 
with 22 mm head that seems tempting to use for the upper nut doesn't. You 

a. hold a 22 mm socket with a wise-grip and turn the allen key (may not 
work, may damage tools/parts)
b. buy a VW tool (See manual for the #) for the upper nut or Schley 91600-22A
c. Buy an "o-ratchet" set in Sears for $50. This set doesn't include 22 
mm socket you need. You will have to call 800 number on the box and buy 
the 22 mm socket directly from manufacturer for $2-3
d. take a standard 22 mm socket and modify it in the machine shop for an 
allen key access (not so easy)

I took path c. O-ratchet set proved to be useful for other mechanical jobs