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Re: 83 ur-Q Has No Injector Fan Thermoswitch

> > Good Morning, Q-Listers!
> At twenty past one in the afternoon?

Of course, if I say "good day", someone on the list will tell me it's night
where they are.

Should I say something noncommital like "Hello", or should I adopt the
convention used in the ancestral homeland and just be RUDE and not
greet anyone at all?     ;-)

> > Whilst peering under the hood of the ur-Q this weekend, I noted that the
> > wire that should connect to the injector fan thermoswitch connects in
> > fact to nothing! Not only can I not find the thermoswitch, there seems to
> > be no place for it to go.
> It mounts on a heatshield that is held in place by the cam cover nuts
> at the back of the engine.

Yes, JUST LIKE ON MY 5ktq!

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