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Barrier Audi

My '97 A4Q has had quite a bit of work done there.  They are competent and
friendly, and more than fair.  Some times they take a while to fix things
solely because they don't stock many parts; this is my one bone of
contention with them.  For example, if you tell them you think you need a
new hydraulic pump a week in advance, they still won't get one in
just-in-case, because of how Barrier Motors (the umbrella company) works.
But they'll arrange rental cars, etc.

The other warning is that you often have to make an appointment.

I like them enough that I plan on buying my next car (when the S4 or S6
comes out) there.  Jeff Falconer is the Audi service manager, and he's great.

	'97 A4Q 2.8L, stick, etc.

Peter Emhoff wrote:
>Anyone out there had their Audi serviced at Barrier motors in Bellevue =
>WA? We are about to receive our A4 and were thinking of having it =
>serviced at Barrier. Are they competent? Fair? Crooked as Hell? What is =
>your input? =20
>Thanks. The voice of experience is invaluable,