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Re: How easy is it... (Engines) V6 to S4 Conversion

If this is a continuation on the earlier thread where you baited the list
with propaganda then didn't reveal how you got that much power from your

Levent, other ranters that didn't back up their claims we beaten up on the
list.  Come clean.  Post some details, will you?!

If you already have, I apologize.  I've been looking for it and haven't
seen a thing...

At 09:32 AM 9/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Now that I've achieved my 246 hp out of my 100CSQ, i was wondering how easy
>would it be to do an S4 engine swap???  I have a friend who wants my
>engine!!!  also what you i have to exchange with him for it to work...
>Sure my V6 is by far faster than any <<STOCK>> S4...  But i can have so
>much more power with an s4...  Also i was wondering... S4 owner's can you
>break all four wheels loose on dry pavement?
>Levent Cur
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