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Spirit of Ecstasy in Jackboots?

    Given the manufacturer of our cars, I guess I too am pleased 
that BMW will have to pay royalties to VW to make Rolls Royces, but isn't
there even a twinge of British nationalist sentiment here? Speaking of
royalty, does this mean that the Royals will be riding around in Beemers
or VW's if they buy Rolls Royces? Will the Spirit of Ecstacy be cast with
jackboots and helmets? When on the continent will RR's naturally veer at
full tilt towards Russia? I mean there is a problem of identity here! 
    Perhaps the way out would be to have the Queen acknowledge the German
roots of the Windsor line for RR commercials. Have the late Lord
Mountbatten's family return the name to Battenburg, while driving to court
in a Silver Shadow etc. Come to think of it, we could bring back pictures
of Jenny Jerome in advertising Jaguar/Fords too. Why aren't you guys
building cars anymore? I loved my old ratty Austin-Healey even though it
was almost as big a pain in the ass as my V8. Thank goodness that Morgans
are still built by a family company. There was a certain charm to British
    I vaguely remember some contretemps about 50 years ago where a
rather chubby but articulate fellow sent some planes called Spitfires
across the Channel to prevent this sort of thing. 
    Seriously, isn't there any popular concern of the sort that the US
masses had when Rockefeller Center was sold to Mitsubishi?