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RE: Barrier Audi

I also have very good experience with Barrier.  I had my 30,000 mile service
at Barrier and they are very friendly.  I also had my turbo replaced by them
and I think they did a grest job.  Jeff Falconer is very nice and very easy
to work with. 

Hope this helped!! 

Steve Hung
97 A4 1.8TQ

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> My '97 A4Q has had quite a bit of work done there.  They are competent and
> friendly, and more than fair.  Some times they take a while to fix things
> solely because they don't stock many parts; this is my one bone of
> contention with them.  For example, if you tell them you think you need a
> new hydraulic pump a week in advance, they still won't get one in
> just-in-case, because of how Barrier Motors (the umbrella company) works.
> But they'll arrange rental cars, etc.
> The other warning is that you often have to make an appointment.
> I like them enough that I plan on buying my next car (when the S4 or S6
> comes out) there.  Jeff Falconer is the Audi service manager, and he's
> great.
> 	Fringe
> 	'97 A4Q 2.8L, stick, etc.
> Peter Emhoff wrote:
> >Anyone out there had their Audi serviced at Barrier motors in Bellevue =
> >WA? We are about to receive our A4 and were thinking of having it =
> >serviced at Barrier. Are they competent? Fair? Crooked as Hell? What is =
> >your input? =20
> >
> >Thanks. The voice of experience is invaluable,
> >Peter
> >