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Re: Strut bearing Replacing 86 coupe

>3. Loosening the top nut and the slotted nut requires holding the strut 
>with the allen key from the top to prevent it from turning. Schley tool 
>and VW tools all allow the access for it. However, the standard ratchet 
>with 22 mm head that seems tempting to use for the upper nut doesn't. You 

For the top nut, I found a great solution (apologies if this has been
mentioned before).  I bought an oxygen sensor socket which uses a 1/2"
drive ratchet and also has a 22mm hex head machined into the top (I
bought it for the oxygen sensor for under $15, I think, from Napa
or Pep Boys).

This socket allows you to use either the 1/2" drive ratchet/breaker 
bar or a 22mm wrench.  As I later found out, the socket also fits the
top strut nut, and using a 22mm wrench leaves a big gaping 1/2" drive
square hole available in the top of the socket.  A 6 inch extension for
a 3/8" drive ratchet fits easily through this hole, and a 7mm internal
hex socket snapped onto that (inside the oxygen sensor socket) creates 
the strut nut tightening tool.

The internal hex socket goes into the strut shaft, the oxgyen sensor
socket goes over the sock onto the strut nut, and the 3/8" drive
ratchet with 6" extension goes through the oxygen sensor socket and
into the internal hex socket.  Add a 22mm wrench (or big adjustable
wrench) to turn the strut nut, and away you go.

Since I already had the oxygen sensor socket for (gasp!) changing
the oxygen sensor, and I also had a big adjustable wrench and 3/8"
drive ratchet set, this tool cost me $0.  Gotta like that.  :-)

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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