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Re: Winter Wheels for 200 tq

Hairy green toads from Mars made flderoos@mmm.com say:

> Any suggestions on steel wheels for a 1990 200 tq?  I hate to wreck my
> alloy wheels by mounting and dismounting tires each winter, so I'm
> considering steel wheels.  I have found two commercial sources, one with
> 15x 7 wheels and the other with 15 x 6 wheels.  The two are within
> $1/wheel of each other.  Neither knows the offset, but both claim that
> they fit the 200 tq.  They are also suppose to fit the A6, A8 and the
> V8.  The vendor with the 15 x 6 wheels says that they are Audi wheels,
> although I doubt if Audi makes its own wheels.  Any suggestions on which
> size to get?  I am mounting 205-60 x 15 snow tires on them. 

205's mount up fine on the 15x6; that's the stock combination
for the 100/100Q.


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