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re: Cleaning Care and Stainless Steel

 "Todd Becker" <toddbecker@mindspring.com> wrote, in part:

Second, will stainless steel remain stainless if you polish it to a shine.
For example, the exhaust tips on my A4.  I have heard of some people doing
this, but I want to make sure I'm not causing trouble in the long run.  If
this is a viable option, what is the best method?  Currently, various grades
of sand paper have been suggested, 200, 400, 600.  Should this be wet or
dry?  Is steel wool an acceptable alternative?
Stebro specifically warns against using steel wool on their exhaust tips.  I
recall they suggest a Scotchbrite(R) pad if a sponge won't work.  So far I
haven't needed one on mine.  Note that some CRES is passivated/acid cleaned
to minimize surface rust; scratching it will expose untreated metal.

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