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RE: haldex clutch details

> Eaton Dave decided to speak these words:
> >one suspects that this
> >is the method audi may have used for their quattro, but as i said, i
> >have no information on this yet.  as it stands the haldex operates
> >basically as a smarter vc...
> I would imagine that they did that.  Number one is that Audi has
> had the philosophy of full time all wheel drive with a 50/50 split.  
> Secondly there are the reports of how the car handles and how it is
> first quattro that is able to be neutral, power oversteer, and slight 
> understeer"

you gotta drive an rr brother.  the articles on the tt compare it to the
quattro and say that it is even better than this.  no other audi imho
comes close as a driving machine to the rr (i've not really driven an mb
though which is a bit lighter, though less powerful and more laggy)...

> I dont believe that a car that is 100% FWD until slip is detected
> behave like this.  It is entirely possible that they may even have a
> rearward bias.  I duno though

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q