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Re: 5KCSTQ: 'Unshakable' Steering Wheel Shimmy

Richard Haroutunian wrote:
> All:
> At speeds of approx. 50-6- mph, the steering wheel shakes.  I have taken
> everyone's suggestion(s) to heart -- and I've been back to NTB 3 times to
> have the tires balanced --nothing..  I've had the rims checked for dings
> and dents - nothing.  The alignment has been checked twice over --
> nothing... Nothing fixes the shimmy.
> This did NOT happen to my care before the BOGEs were installed and the car
> was aligned.

> Richard
I doubt that alignment off (camber-caster-toe in ) would give you
"shimmy". It may give you tendencies to one side or the other..."pulls".
I believe you replaced tires at the same time you installed the Boge's
You could have:
Out of round tires...
Out of  balance tires...(need dynamic balance rotating at high speeds on
or off the car )
Loose upper cartridge nut (very important - holds cartridge into strut
Loose upper strut plate (camber adjustment 3 nuts which MUST be replaced
if the plate is removed should not be re-used)I believe they were
removed to mount the Boge's
Loose center nut for cartridge (allen hex and 22 mm - in center of
camber adj. plate.
Under dimensioned Boge's (must fit strut housing snuggly and be
externally oiled before mounting for heat transfer).
I suggest to move tires(and wheels) systematically (one by one) from
front to rear to test "shimmy"
Good luck