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Re: 98 A4 musings

Jim Simone writes:
> > 2. An extra wire-mesh grille on the inside door panel, above the speaker
> >    and below the power mirror controls.  What's that for?
> It's a separate speaker for the hands-free mobile phone in a car with the Bose
> sound system. Non-Bose setups use the left speaker.

OK, my 96 has a Bose system but it doesn't have that little grille.  I guess
the older Bose systems still used the left speaker for the phone.

> > 3. The speaker grilles now have a badge that says "Audi/Bose".
> Indicates the Bose upgrade. Standard sound systems have no badge.

My Bose system doesn't have a speaker badge either.  The head unit's
display says "Bose" momentarily when it turns on, but that's the only
visual clue.

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