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"by the dashboard light..."

LED's for dash lighting...anyone considered this?  Would give a very pure
"red" look(ie, more like the newer cars) than the bulbs w/red filters(a la
5k/200.)  I guess there's a fair amount of testing involved to find a LED
with the equivalent brightness.

I feel sorry for the folk who own really early 5k's...frontlit gauges.  Blech.

Speaking of lighting, suxeL lights the dash with a fancy flourescent bulb.
What gives?  Don't the morons realize that it completely trashes your night
vision?  Of course, Acura and Volvo very similar things, going with either
aquamarine(acura) which is actually looks fairly soothing, or
white/blue(volvo.)  At least BMW has some sense too, and does reddish

I do remember a review of the A8 where the writer stated that the red dash
light made "one feel like they are piloting an F-18A fighter, not a luxury
car."  He was very impressed on several counts.

I think the "PRESS BRAKE PEDAL" 'clue' the display center gives you is a
little stupid though...people are dumb, but not THAT dumb...shiftlocks have
been around for a while...


Brett Dikeman
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