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Help wanted: 90q fault code interpretation

Audi mavens:
	At the end of the first two of my last four drives in my 1988 90q,
the "check engine" light went on.  This occurred after at least 20 minutes
driving, during very low throttle cruising, and went away upon accelerating.
The first time it occurred I checked the codes, but forgot there were two
sets, so got only 4444 for the ignition computer.  The second time I had
consulted my Bentley, and got both codes, 4444 and 2132, the latter
presumably for the fuel system.  According to my Bentley, 2132 indicates a
broken connection between the fuel and ignition computers, but applies only
to California (CA) cars.  I seriously doubt mine was ever in CA, and there
is no indication on the door or engine that it has any CA credentials.
Could the Bentley be wrong (gasp!) about the CA aspect?  How else can the
fault code system function unless the computers communicate?  Doesn't this
CA aspect conflict with the list consensus that Audis are 50 state cars.
Can this code mean anything else in anyone's experience?  If it is a CA car,
can I prove this by reading the codes even after the engine is shut down and
restarted, as implied by the Bentley?    All comments welcome.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA