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Discount Tire Replica rims for Audi

I was hoping someone might be able to help me.
I called discount tire 4 times and got a different person each time with a
different story and price. The replicas look like the 5 spoke 16" A4 rim. One
of the guys claimed they even have the Audi rings the other 3 said no. They
all claimed it'll work without the tires rubbing I am planning on using 205/55
SP 8000's. 3 of them said it was the same offset as my stock rims 35 mm
offset. 1 of them said it was 35 mm offset and all aftermarket rims are 35 mm
and the OE rim is 45 mm offset. 

I want 16" rims as an upgrade for my '88 5000TQ
So here's my question who knows the truth?
Are OE rims 45 mm offset?
If I use 35 mm offset will there be any rubbing or poor handling because of
Why don't they make replicas like the original?
Thanks in advance for your help

Anyone have a clean set of the OE 16" 5 spoke rim 4 sale at a nice price?

		Howard Dinits