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RE: "by the dashboard light..."

> LED's for dash lighting...anyone considered this?  Would give a very pure
> "red" look(ie, more like the newer cars) than the bulbs w/red filters(a la
> 5k/200.)  I guess there's a fair amount of testing involved to find a LED
> with the equivalent brightness.
... well, IME those little incandescent bulbs put out quite a bit more
light.  I tried LEDs in the memory seat switch on the 5kCSQA a while back
and was seriously disappointed.  That said, there are quite a few new
high-output LEDs that might do the trick ... and inside the dash you
probably have room for the larger packages.  Around here they have been
going absolutely nuts with LEDs ... a good many traffic signals have had the
incandescent red signals replaced with groups of LEDs (which BTW are almost
impossible to discern if they are on or off when the sun is direclty shining
on them ): ... and I've noticed the tail lights on busses seem to have
changed to LEDs as well.

I bought an "orange" high-output LED from Radio Schlock a while back.  It
was nowhere near orange to me, but it was a shade of red that might look
better in a dash than the normal LED red color ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)