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Re: 4kq Questions...Prob

 -=> Quoting Coolian <=-

 Co> Big problem with an easy solution (hopefully).....

 Co> My clutch pedal in my 87 4kq is acting a bit funky...It engages the
 Co> clutch only near the bottom of when I push it down....If I leave the
 Co> pedal in it's "normal" position, it slowly slides back until it is
 Co> flush with the far kick panel....This is annoying the hell out of me
 Co> and it makes it VERY hard to drive because the damn clutch won't engage
 Co> unless I force the entire thing all the way down....and even then,
 Co> sometimes it doesn't work.... 

     (Assuming it's similar to the 5KS)  Check the brake fluid
     first, may be low.  If it's low refill, chances are you
     have a leak in the clutch master cylinder or slave
     cylinder.  You could also try bleeding the system
     to see if there's air in there.

     Pump up the clutch pedal to see if gets pressure, if
     the pedal gets close to normal while pumping, it's
     in the hydraulic system.

     Good Luck,

___ Blue Wave/386 v2.30