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Re: Discount Tire Replica rims for Audi

Howard and all:

You may have missed my post of last week on these very wheels.  You maybe
getting misinformation because Discount Tire doesn't have these wheels in
stock yet.  No one there knows anything about them.  They will get briefs
when the wheels arrive which won't be until next month.

OE 7" wide rims for the 5ktq/A4 have a 45mm offset.  Dunlop performance
tires tend to be a bit wider than other brands, so you'll need that 45mm.
Also suspension and wear tolerances are such that I can no long recommend
the 39mm offset wheels for our 5ktq/early 200tq cars.  There just hasn't
been enough consistency.

If they are 35mm offset wheels, Discount Tire made a bad choice.  That
wheel will rub like crazy on any unmodified 5kt/5ktq!

As far as price, the sales people there don't know.  But a little math on
your part goes a long way here.  Just take the package price and deduct the
cost of the tires.  That's how much the wheels will cost.

As the Ronal OEM takeoff sales have dried up (those that don't believe it,
please call them.  They have big name buyers -Audi tuners that I won't
name- that have standing orders for all takeoffs they receive), this seems
like the only reliable offer for A4 wheels.

As I've said before, I'll post any information I get.

At 01:12 PM 9/10/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I was hoping someone might be able to help me.
>I called discount tire 4 times and got a different person each time with a
>different story and price. The replicas look like the 5 spoke 16" A4 rim. One
>of the guys claimed they even have the Audi rings the other 3 said no. They
>all claimed it'll work without the tires rubbing I am planning on using
>SP 8000's. 3 of them said it was the same offset as my stock rims 35 mm
>offset. 1 of them said it was 35 mm offset and all aftermarket rims are 35 mm
>and the OE rim is 45 mm offset. 
>I want 16" rims as an upgrade for my '88 5000TQ
>So here's my question who knows the truth?
>Are OE rims 45 mm offset?
>If I use 35 mm offset will there be any rubbing or poor handling because of
>Why don't they make replicas like the original?
>Thanks in advance for your help
>Anyone have a clean set of the OE 16" 5 spoke rim 4 sale at a nice price?
>		Howard Dinits
>		AQUATTRO4U@aol.com
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
"Alle Rowdies fahren Audis"

'82 urq (stops on a dime)
'86 4kq (boy, they total Audis for little reason)
'87 coupe gt ("crash me into a car" red - 4 sale $1000)
'87 5ktqw (daily beast of burden)
'87 5ktqw (parts car after tree incident - parts 'o plenty)
'90 V8 (wife's; soon to have 944T brakes!)