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Re: Discount Tire Replica rims for Audi

>>As the Ronal OEM takeoff sales have dried up (those that don't believe it,
>>please call them.  They have big name buyers -Audi tuners that I won't
>>name- that have standing orders for all takeoffs they receive), this seems
>>like the only reliable offer for A4 wheels.

For what it's worth, I got some mint-condition 7-spoke A4 sport wheels for
$550, including (this is the amazing part) the SP8000E tires with only about
100 miles on them. I originally wanted the five-spoke style, but these look
really good on my wagon. I had to drive a bit (he was in Portland, I'm in
Seattle) to avoid shipping, but it was worth it. Seems there's lots of these
wheels for sale in the A4 Forum (not the classifieds, but in the actual
forum). This definitely wasn't the case with the dude I got the wheels from,
but I'm guessing lots of people overextend themselves just buying the A4 --
once they trick it out with 17" wheels, mesh grills, smoked taillights, and
all sorts of other goofy stuff, they don't really have enough reserve cash
to keep a spare set of wheels in the garage.

BTW, The offset is 45mm, and the tires are 205-55-16. I was thinking of
going to a 225 when these wear out, but I don't know if they will fit.
Clearance is really tight on the front steering arm (less than a 1/4") on my
Good luck,

Tim King
Seattle, WA
89 200tqw... all tuned up with good rubber -- just need shocks, then it's
chip time.