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Re: 1989 Audi 90 Q rough Idle

Could be plug wires but I rather doubt it.  Sounds more likely that you
have a vacuum leak somewhere.  There are LOYS of vac hoses on this engine.
If they haven't been replaced, they most likely need to be.....

At 03:39 PM 9/10/1998 ,  Anthony Attard was inspired to say:
>  I  have an idle problem with my 1989 Audi 90 Q.  It idles at about 850
to 900 revs.
>  OK, but it feels like it is missing every now and then.  The problem is
not bad
>  enough to stall the engine, but it is not as smooth as it used to be
before the
>  problem appeared out of nowhere, (or so it seems).  I have already
replaced the 
>  idle stabilizer valve, so I know that my problem is not the idling
speed, but rather
>  the roughness of the idle.  I have used a couple of bottles of
>  thinking it may be dirty injectors.  It helped a wee bit, but not much.
I have
>  replaced the air filter, plugs and distributor cap and rotor button, but
not the spark
>  plug leads.  Could the spark plug leads be the problem??   The engine
>  well, stationary and under load.  I am baffled.  

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