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"Eifel Klassik" features Walter Roehrl's Pikes Peak Audi

In message <199809100753.AAA13508@theta2.ben2.ucla.edu> Michael Williams writes:

> Hans-Juergen Schneider decided to speak these words:
> >This weekend (11 -13 Sept.) the Nuerburgring will
> >see demonstration runs of Walter Roehrls Pikes
> >Peak Audi Sport quattro S1 and the 89 IMSA GTO
> >Audi 90 quattro of Hurley Haywood.
> >The cars will be driven by Roehrl himself and
> >former Audi works driver Harald Demuth.
> >Definitely a must see if you are in Germany this
> >weekend.

I gather we all missed the sight of _last_ weekend, which was one of
the UK ur-quattros stuffed into a bank on the Nurburgring.

Still trying to get the details.

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