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Re: Tools for T belt removal on 1990 CQ and 1991 200 TQW

Peter Schulz wrote:
> Now I'm open on what size socket and drive that I'll need in
> place of 2079 (which lists for $105..ouch!)  I assume at least
> a 3/4 drive breaker bar...I don't think that my 1/2 inch breaker
> will suffice.

Hi Peter,
If you are in the market for 2079 tool you can try Baum Tools Unlimited Inc.
They are selling a great deal of tools for many European car makers and one of
is Audi. Point your browser to 
or call/fax/write

	Baum Tools Unlimited Inc. 
	PO Box 5867 Sarasota FL USA 34277-5867 
	1-800-848-6657 Toll Free USA/Canada 

	World-Wide Order Desk 
	1-941-927-1414 International 
	1-941-927-1612 Fax 

There is a list of special tools for all Audi and you can see 2079 there ($84)
among others.

Jan Skrzypek
Fairport, NY
95 A6Q 5 speed
89 100Q