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Fwd: TSW Wheels for sale

A tech at Barrier and I were talking and he offered up these wheels for
sale. Sorry for the wasted band 4 x 108er's.

 TSW Hockenhiem R 
 17 x 8 ET 40  5 x 112
 Blue center cap
 Wrench / Hub centric rings
 No Tires (was running 225 35 17's)

The wheels look good but for the exception of one that met a curb
(parking rash) and has the marks to commemorate it.  The marks are about
four inches long and not deep.  The rest are beautiful.

His name is Gregory Nel and he works at the Audi shop in Bellevue.  He
is asking $800 but taking offers.  If the wheels don't sell prior to, I
will be taking them to Road America with me at the end of the month.  I
offered to be the contact so email or call me (206.669.4014) and I will
pass the offers on.

FYI, Discount tire has them for $239 on there page.