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Re: 4kq shift light

In message <19980910083003.H17319@huxley.baz.com> "Nathan B. Thomas" writes:

> Well, my fiance just told me that the shift light in the 85 4kq stopped
> working yesterday...WOOHOO!  Before I get too excited though, is this
> indicative of any other kind of problem?  She claims that no other
> electrical glitches have shown up, so I suspect it is just a blown bulb...
> which I will never replace.

There are two primary causes:

a) A vacuum hose in the engine bay has chafed through because it was
   riding on another hose or part of the wiring harness.

b) The diapraghm in the distributor vacumm advance unit has ruptured.

Check the little fabric-covered hoses in the engine bay that are attached
to the inlet manifold.  The procedure with a vacuum tester (you can try
sucking on the hose) is to pull _all_ the end and plug them, usually
with cheap self-tapping screws which I buy by the hundred.  Suck and
check the hoses are OK, then re-attach the ends one by one, trying
each time.  It's usually the vacuum advance unit, which is secured by
either two or three simple screws and is just a fiddly job to change -
no great sweat.

 Phil Payne
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