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Re: automatic climate control

>It is an oh-so-incredibly-annoying example of rampant stupidity (and
>other non-G-rated actions) in an otherwise pretty-fine example of
>engineering . . . it is the singular aspect that is most likely to
>make me decide not to buy an S4 (assuming it is not priced above
>the $trato$phere$omewhere$...and assuming they actually become
>Deep Heavy Sigh.


I agree.  Makes me wish for simple manual controls again.  The sad thing is
- I was looking at the new 996 Porsche's and low and behold there was the
same auto climate system with just slightly changed buttons.  In addition
from what I have heard the new 996 also adopted the Audi lug bolt system
rather then the simple studs they have used from year one.  Can this be
true?  Two of the worst features on my S6 and the new 996 uses them.  Must
be that the bean counters have also won at Porsche to buy from the same
supplier a sad excuse for an auto climate control system.  Maybe it has
been updated and only looks the same.

Mark Turczyn