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[Fwd: automatic climate control]

Stefan Richter wrote:

> It has gotten rather cool here in Buckingham Pennsylvania over the past 4
> or 5 days.  My 95 S6 seems to love the temperature and air quality, it is
> running better than ever.  Perhaps some of you can enlighten me on the
> climate control system a little.  When I press the AUTO button, no matter
> what the outside temperature, (52 F this morning), and no matter what I set
> the temperature on the system, the a/c symbol lights up, and you can hear a
> relay clicking in the dash, presumably to turn on the a/c on.  I am a
> little surprised that the system is not sophisticated enough to recognize
> when a/c is not needed, hence automatic climate control.  Is there a
> problem with my system or is this simply something I should get used to?
> Please forgive the childish questions, this is my first Audi.

You've probably already have a dozen answers, but I'll take a stab at it. I
beleive the A/C kicks on to help defrost the windows. The temp sensor are
dectecting the cooler temps and assuming you might get some interior window
fogging, by having the A/C on and the heat, you can dry out the air and defog
the windshield that much faster.

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