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Re: Tools for T belt removal on 1990 CQ and 1991 200 TQW

Quattro 20V Boy wrote:

> Good luck and I hope it helps .... at least it should save you money
> buying/renting
> special tools.
> PS do you have pneumatic tools?

Since my brother is the family gearhead and has been rebuilding
and transplanting chebby engines since he was 16, I do have access
to air tools, engine hoist, gear pullers, yada, yada...

I ended picking up a new 2084 tool for $70 from Zelenda ((They do 
occasionally carry used tools. BTW), I'll use a breaker bar and
extension for the damper. 

Now that I own 2 20V audis, I will be able to justify the cost over
the years.

Not to mention that Dan S and Paul Royal have shown interest in
my forthcoming adventure.

Thanks again to all those who replied to my original post.

-Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 TQW