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Re: Help wanted: 90q fault code interpretation


Oddly enough,  I've got two of these beasts as well.  And I grew up in
NH!  Parallel lives???

My basic opinion of the engine-fault decoding is that it's a royal PITA,
and, given that it doesn't report anything having to do with the
possibility of mechanical bits in perilous proximity of chomping each
other into more mechanical bits, I ignore the sucker.

Actually, on the occaisions I have read the codes, the system has
proceeded to provide every code in the book.  Well, that's informative. 
Either I'm about to spew steam from the spark-plugs or I've a wacky
warning werks.

I apologize for my alliteration aspirations today.  I've quaffed copious
quantities of coffee.

To be helpful, I have been planning on tackling the code system again
this weekend.  Though I've found Mr. Bentley's picture-books to be
mostly useless and entirely too expensive, the reference info is there. 
Let me give the de-code process one more shot and see what I come up

Could it be that my 130k mile old Ox sensor is gumming up the works?  It
passed Colorado's super-state-sniffers just months ago, much to my
delight.  Odd that I have to replace all suspension bushings and
components twice as often as Oxygen sensors, and as often as timing
belts.  But, we love our Audis, especially when the snow falls.  Or when
some goof in a spanking new japanese sedan wants to take us on.

Rambling on,


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