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For Sale: 1991 200 Quattro Wagon

For Sale: 
1991 200 Quattro Wagon.  
This is the 20V turbo (1.7 bar) and the front brake conversion is done.  
Pearl/black, BBS wheels, everything works except driver's seat heater, 156K
miles, new windshield.  $11,000  

The reason I've decided to sell is is that I'm over-extended in terms of
time, money and, last but not least, my wife's patience.
I love these cars but I'm forced to admit that maintaining 4 of them, and
doing all the work myself, is a bit much.
So e-mail or call me at 614-847-1268 if you're interested.  The car is in
central Ohio.

Dave Conner
with too many Audi's in  
Columbus, OH 

87 5KS
89 100E
86 4KCSQ
91 200Q Avant (For Sale)