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Re: 2 questions (WOT switch)

In a message dated 9/11/98 kavanagh@kodak.com (David Kavanagh staff) asks:

<< 1. Linda quoted my $46 for the throttle switch assembly (87 5kcstq). Has
anyone had success in fixing the full throttle portion of these? >>

I had no problem "fixing" mine. Here's how I did it (has worked fine for
almost a year since so far). (The following steps assume you have removed the
WOT switch from the car.)

1. Carefuly pry open the switch case with a jewler's screwdriver or your
weapon of choice. The seam is glued so it is a little tricky but does come

2. Using liquid solder flux (rosin, NOT acid) and a very hot iron, resolder
the connections from the internal switches to the extrnal connector. These are
almost certainly cracked--solder them all.

3. With a relay contact burnishing tool (electronic suppliers) and good
quality contact cleaner (i.e. Caig DeoxIT or Stabilant) carefully clean the
contacts of the open WOT switch.

4. Clean the idle microswitch by spraying in contact cleaner while exercising
the switch (this is really a preventative thing).

5. Seal the switch assembly back up. I used black electrical tape (color
matches good, seals the seam, and easy to take apart for the next time--which
has yet to happen!)

If you are handy with electronic repair (soldering, cleaning switches,
burnishing relay contacts) then this is an easy job. (Took me less than 20
minutes including R&R of the switch.) If you are not comfortable with the
procedure then the 46 bucks is money well spent. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq