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Anyone we know? :-)

Thursday, Sept 10, 1998, about 5:45 - 6 PM, on highway 237 in San Jose -
Santa Clara, California:

As I was still coming up to speed (surprisingly, average speed was OVER
27 mph on a Bay Area freeway at the nominal end of the business day), I
noticed a red 4000 quattro pass by in one of the faster-moving lanes. 
So I kept the pedal down a bit to catch up and noticed that in front of
the 4K was a red Coupe!  Couldn't tell the years -- they were while the
space under the bumper was still square, not rounded, which is what --
86 or back?  Unfortunately, my exit came up too soon (I'm only on this
freeway for about a mile), so I had to leave before I could make a fool
of myself waving at the other two Audis.

So... three mid-80s Audis, two of 'em Coupes no less, all in a row on a
California freeway.  And NOT for a club meeting.  And since they were
heading away from Geek Central, if the people driving those cars AREN'T
on this list, they should be!