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RE: Glass Sunroof for 83 CGT???

Alan said:
Has anyone ever made, or thought about making (and decided it was a bad 
idea...) a glass roof for a coupe or any other Audi that came w/ the 
tilt-or-remove metal one.   I'd think it'd be a fairly easy job if one 
had an extra sunroof they could cannibalize for mounting parts, & some 
custom made gaskets...  True, I probably wouldn't be able to match the 
slight curve of the roof perfectly, but I don't think it would be too 
detracting...  Any ideas?

Yea, i had thought that would be a cool thing to have on a CGT once I saw a
new CQ with one.  I looked all over for one...but no one makes one.  You could
do it yourself, or go to one of those shops that adds aftermarke tilt
moonroofs to cars.  I'm sure they could just cut a hole in the sunroof panel
and drop in a piece of glass with no problem. 

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