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Re: Knock sensor torquing

> Retrieved and error code of 2142 for the knock sensor being defective. I
> figured this much because I was getting the check engine light (no audible
> knock) at the upper reaches of the rev range under load. Anyhow, I have
> one off of my 84 turbo and I wanted to know how to torque the damn thing.
> You can't get a socket on it because of the wire (and plug), so what do
> you do? I've heard how 14 ft./lbs. (or was is n-m?) was critical. How much
> so? I could get near there by feeling out the torque with an open box
> wrench. Any btdt's? TIA!

I'm facing this as well... I would imagine that Good King Phil would tell us
that this is an ideal use for that crowfoot wrench set we should have already
bought by now... if I can shake this flu or whatever has landed on me I may
try to r&r the ks this weekend...  

hth, -doug q
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