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Re: Upshift light >> foglight indicator

> Next, I was wondering how you hooked up you shift indicator light to be
> the auxillary light indicator.  I think this is a great idea.  I would
> like a little more detail on this, like which wires need to be cut and
> spliced into. 

like most Audi circuits, this one is activated by switching the ground. 
The bulb is always seeing 12v on one side.  It is then grounded by the
control unit.  So your aux light switch has to switch a ground as well. 
I planned it this way, so that is what it does to turn on the lights.  I
found the connection to the shift light, I can't remember where, sorry,
and hooked it up to the switch.  I put a little diode in line to avoid
unforseen consequences at the lighting relay.  let me know if you need
more info.

> This is something cool I just did that reminded me of something you would
> have on your website.  I began by hooking up Hella 500's on the top
> bumper.  They work great.  I then took a hazard light switch out of a junk
> yard 4000 dash.  I flipped it upsidedown and place it into one of the
> blank space on the left hand side of the dash, just within reach of my
> finger while driving. 

Yup, the classic aux switch for an Audi is a spare defroster switch in a
dummy hole.  

> By the way, I just hardwired my radar detector yesterday

Did you mount a bazillion dB RS piezo buzzer under the instrument
console?  that's what the little vent fins are for - so you can hear the
radar detector!

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands