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RE: WTB : 5 cyl. Turbo - 215hp

> > Todd Phenneger wrote:
> > No Audi motor makes 215hp.  You are probably thinking
> > about the 3B motor which is the 20v turbo that is in the 91' 200
> > quattros, S4's, and the S6.   This motor put out between  222 and 227 hp
> > depending on the application.
> > Minor correction:The 20V turbo in the 91 200q makes 217hp.  The 20V
> in the 92-94 S4 and 95 S6 makes 227hp (U.S. models).  Thus, the "215hp"
> motor Mike was referring to is probably the 91 200q unit.

Keep in mind, Audi "mathematically" figures out each of their engines
HP's!  Often "under  or over rating" them according..........

HP "at the wheel" is different and often less than "figured" HP