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Re: ANOTHER ONE bites the dust!

Darin Nederhoff wrote:
> [snip]
> Any leads on GOOD used transmissions?
> Give me your thoughts people...  I sure as h#ll can't seem to think straight at
> the moment...
> Darin
> '90 CQ20V - Tranny by Hyundai!  ;-)

Hmmm. You've refreshed my concern over one aspect of CQ ownership - cost
of ownership. 

Very tough decision. I'd say desperatly start checking salvage yards and
rebuilders for salvageable '90/1 5-speed model transmissions. 

You have my sympathy. I'll certainly treat my trans more gingerly now.
Maybe It's better to buy a cheap U.S. made daily driver and store the

Mike S.
"How much $$$ do you owe *your* CQ?"