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Ready to buy 200tq

<<Is an aftermarket exhaust worth the money for performance enhancement or
longevity for this class, vintage, age vehicle:>>
	I agree with Phil Payne that the factory exhaust is hard to beat.  But here
is some info to weigh in:

	Cost for one-piece manifold is the same as for a two-piece.   Two piece is a
later design and should be better.  It also does not have the tendency to
	Cost for an aftermarket manifold is basically the same also.  But, from what
has been posted on the list, these are not simple straight-forward

	One thing you did not address is what kind of exhaust leak you have.  If one
or two of the bolts are broken, your should be able to simply replace the
exhaust bolts and remount your current manifold.  If the manifold is cracked,
welding is possible in some instances.