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85 4kq badly needs home

Looking for a winter beater 4kq?  Then I've got the solution
for both of us...

85 4kq, oceanic blue, some body damage but straight and drivable,
100% mechanically (new Boge TGs front, rears in box, all new bushings,
a/c serviced, recent belts/TB/WP).  Needs windshield and sunroof 
brackets.  Has 14" MSW rims, I also have 2 Ronal rims.

At the moment I'm slowly wrecking it in two ways - one, by taking little
parts here and there which I need for my Coupe GT, and two, because
water is getting in the car.

I don't want to part the car as all the money in parts and labor
is lost, and also because it runs so darn well.  Other than cosmetics
and TLC, you won't find a more solid 4kq.  Interior is excellent

I would keep it for a winter beater/spare but I'm already getting
yelled at for spending too much time on the cars (and it's
true, I don't have this time).

If you're semi-local to me and looking for a 4kq like this, please
let me know.


| Dan |
Dan Simoes                                dans@ans.net
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