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Couple 'o questions

I own a Bosh fuel injected '84 Audi 4000.  Today, while preparing the
motor (a 1.8L) to be removed from the car, we ran across some questions. 
As many of you may know, my car burns oil very badly.  We were not sure
why it did it.  I have already asked many questions concerning the
matter.  We just decided to get a new motor.  But today we think the
motor might be saved, but we need to know some answers to these

1.  I'm not sure what this part is called, because it is not in the
manual.  All I can say is it is a big black plastic tube connected to the
fuel metering box, "air filter box", and to the air valve.  We took the
thing off today and we found oil laying on the bottom of it.  Why?  How
did it get there?  Also, the air filter was completely soaked with oil,
if that helps.  

2.  There is a hose, part #049133642A, and we do not know where it goes. 
It comes off of the big black plastic tube that I am not sure of the
name.  We want to know where ther hose is supposed to go to.

3.  Laying on top of the motor is a spring clip connector.  It has a
brown and green-yellow wires connecting to it.  Where does it go?  It was
just dangling there.  It comes out of the same wiring loom that connects
to the cold/start valve.

4.  On the fuel metering box, or "air filter box", there is a rubber hose
(part #0438161002) that we have no idea where it goes.

5.  Why does the radiator fans come on when the A/C is on, but not any
other time?\

6.  On the bottom of the big plastic tube there is a screen about 4
inches long, and it is full of little black specs.  what are they??  Is
it just dirt, or what?

All of these things were like this when we got the car.  All the wires I
mentioned above were not hooked to anything when we got the car.  We just
realized all of these things were like this today.  That is the reason
why we thing the motor might be good.  Because there were a lot of wires
just sitting there.  Any info about the things I have just asked would be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks again!!

'84 Audi 4000

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