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Re: Fw: Exhaust

Several of you have responded to my posting regarding the rotten egg smell
(which I suspected was secondary to a suphar product and a result of the
catalytic converter).  Uniformly you have all suggested that I change to a
higher octane or different station.  Here's the scoop regarding this . . .

I do not use the same stations routinely.  I rely on Amoco, Marathon, and Sunoco
for my gas.  The Octane ratings used in my care are exclusively HIGHER than
93.   I have also used Chevron with Techron x 2 over the past 2K miles.

Any new thoughts?



Julio C Negron wrote:

> I think you should consider first to chage your gasoline...because hight
> content of sulfur could be this kind of odor...!! I think that audi have
> some TBS but I don't have in hand...so try change your gasoline first before
> make any jugde about catalystic problem....
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> From: John Courtney <dendrite@sbt.infi.net>
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> Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 11:42 AM
> Subject: Exhaust
> >I KNOW this has got to have been covered before . . .
> >
> >My 100CS (93, Automatic) smells a bit like rotten eggs when I stop the
> >car.  I suspect the catalytic converter.  Would I be so unlucky that
> >this symptom simply forbodes an early death for this converter, or is
> >this a common (albeit) noxious habit for this vehicle.
> >
> >John C
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