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I love my new Dremel....

Lets see.  I just got a dremel for my birthday from my mother, and i have 
to say, this is one of the coolest, most useful things i have ever 
recieved, or even bought myself.  I got it yesterday, and my frist job 
was milling out a 10 mm socket so that i could fit in on an externally 
adjustable koni strut.  Took a long time, but man it really worked well.  
Now i can fit that socket on, and it makes things alot easier.  My next 
thing came to me when i started sanding off some rust that was on 
mysockets.  I thought, hmm...i wonder if this would work to sand down the 
body of my car...well it did.  I bought some touch up paint and some 
spray-touch up paint and went to work.  All of you who have seen my car 
should remember what it looks like.  Or at least looked like.  WEll, that 
grinding wheel that this thing came with was extemly useful, and i have 
now essentially filed off all of the rust from the front driver's door on 
back and covered wit with some white paint.  The sxpray stuff, while not 
exactly alpine white, is a very close match and looks a hell of alot 
better, even close up, than the rust streaks and peeling paint that the 
car used to have.  Im happy.  And man do i have some more ideas for this 

Gotta love powertools.

later all
Michael Williams