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Re: 4kq rear exhaust

At 10:36 PM 9/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>My 87 4kq is starting to sound more like a lawn mower than an Audi due to 
>the hole in the rear muffler. Anyone have any info on getting a replacement 
>for a sane, reasonable price? Any opinions on different makes welcome. I'm 
>looking for near stock performance and sound, although a nice note is 
>always a good thing.
>4kq parts available, but not the ones I need (right now...)

When my I got my 4kq, the rear muffler had a hole in it, so my mechanic put
in a Flowmaster muffler.  He cut the stock tail pipe off of the old muffler
and welded it onto the Flowmaster to keep it looking original.  Sounds
pretty cool too.



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