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Re: Stealthy A4 courtesy Valentine One

   This detector has to be head and shoulders over all others - feedback from
   happy users appreciated.

   Price here is breathtaking cf. US - equivalent to about USD$750 !!


So, let's see, when going to Russia, a suitcase full of Levis and Camels,
when going to New Zealand, a suitcase full of V1s . . . gotcha . . .

Actually, this does revive a question recently asked of me, and this
list should be a good source:  Do other countries -- and, specifically,
"Europe" (*) -- use Radar and/or Laser for speed enforcement, and if
so, do they use the same bands as the U.S. revenue enhancment agencies
(specifically, in what other countries would the U.S. Valentine One
work, where wouldn't it, and where would I be arrested for Terrorism
or Espionage or just plain TroubleMaking)?

   Problem: -I want to hard wire it in and need to remove the RH A-pillar
   trim - have pulled as hard as I dare to no avail. Help please.

Sorry, can't help ya there. On mine, I tapped into visor for power (yes,
I want it on always...and am annoyed that "starting" the engine causes
the V1 to do a power-cycle sequence -- there are enough beeps, whistles,
and other audible alerts without the V1 adding to the cacophony), and
ran the remote visual cord along the inside of the weatherstripping, so
it's concealed except for a tiny stretch along the top where it jumps
over to the visor.


(*)	Yes, I realize "Europe" is many quite distinct countries...
	This is a very general question -- I hope I do not offend
	any political toes here.