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Re:VERY weird CGT problem (digital dash)

Dan Wrote:

>The newly-road worthy 87.5 CGT had an interesting problem yesterday.
I was ready to go out and noticed the dash was not lit.  So I
checke fuses, etc for about 20 mins and decided to just leave it
for now.  A few miles down the road it came to life, except
that... the odometer now reads 0 miles!!!
I just had it inspected, so the true miles (98k) are
documented, but this is odd - I didn't think the odo could lose
its memory.

Mine did a lot of weird stuff, not coming on, or flashing, or changing
intensity , and finally displaying gibberish.  (but never forgetting the

I had three problems, all easily fixed. the first problem was the inside
the dash.  The display has three segments, each segment has a wire to
lcd connector.  The connection is made by  a clip over conductive paint
on the glass.  the paint wears or scrapes off and you get some bad
results.  I used silver epoxy and a needle to repair the warn areas.  I
replaced the clip before full cure in hopes of epoxying the clip in
place.  The second was loose or broken wires at inlet manifold ground.
And the third was a broken speed sender at the transmission, which i
fixed with some wire and a soldering iron.  (If your car displays the
correct speed yours is working mine would display anything from 0 to
correct to 178 mph)

I would imagine you need to clean up the contacts at the lcd display.
Brian Link