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additives [was: Re: Fw: Exhaust]


Don't be so sure that it doesn't change.  It often does, and would 
say so on the pump.  What part of the U.S. are you in?

BTW, I was getting gas at AM/PM-ARCO (for a rental car), and they had 
little color LCD television screens that turn on when you're pumping gas!  
Anyone see these?  Tripped me out.


John Courtney <dendrite@sbt.infi.net> wrote:
> United States.
> No, I don't think the additive changes from season to season. This is an
> interesting point, though.

<<> Robert Myers wrote:
> > What country, John?
> > Do you have fuel additives required (or not) by government which change
> > from season to season?>>